Axis and Allies WW2. Update

During my other “stuff to do” I have been slowly progressing with my Axis and Allies campaign. Since I last posted about this, China has taken its first turn and the UK has started, beginning with the European theatre. China was restricted by having no industrial facility, thus had to build some production facilities in Szechuan. No other action was possible.

The UK historically had made RAF strikes on German shipping and begun the hunt for the Graf Spee and Prinz Eugen, having failed to do anything at all about Poland. Four divisions had been moved to France.

In game terms, Britain launched an air strike by carrier-borne tactical bombers and fighters against the cruiser in the North Atlantic (zone 124) from the carrier in the Scottish North Sea (zone 111). No hits were scored by either side. The British aircraft broke off the attack and returned home.

One Tank and one Mechanised infantry unit were shipped to Normandy/Bordeaux, using transports sent south from the Scottish North Sea to the North Sea/Channel area (zone 110). A destroyer was sent to protect the transports. The damaged battleship at scapa Flow was repaired and new units deployed in England: 1 strategic bomber, 1 fighter and 2 infantry.

Next: The UK in the Far East.

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