Painting problems

Today I tried to make some progress with my painting. I had little success. I am trying to paint some plastic 20mm Vikings with dubious athenticity and some 6mm resin houses. The buildings from Total Battle Miniatures are a joy to paint, if you have a steady hand. They take acrylic paint beautifully, and if then given a wash after painting, can take on a dilapidated grimy wartime look.

I have two issues. The first is that my right hand is rather “wobbly”. I have developed a tremor in my painting hand. The second is focus. After about 15 minutes my “dodgy” eye that has had several operations and a recent bang onto hard tarmac has started to flicker again. Both eyes are also watering, particularly when outdoors, but also after a few minutes of hard focus. I have similar trouble when reading, except when using Kindle in large print. My eye review is due in April, delayed from February for unexplained reasons.

This is leading me to wonder about all my unpainted and half-painted stock. Should I persevere with trying to paint them, try to find a professional painter or cut my losses and sell the stuff I haven’t yet done?

For the time being I will persevere with what I have to hand and see how it goes. Progress so far on the two latest projects below.

Random Viking types, half painted. A poor photo’.
Some rather nice 6mm urban buildings, part painted.

On the WW2 Axis and Allies front, I have played the USA turn for September to November 1939. Nothing much happened, except for the Panama declaration, by which all sea zones adjacent to the USA, Central and South America are now declared neutral. The USA spent its Industrial Points on upgrading facories for better future production.

Next to play is China, by which I gather from US support is the Natioanalist Chinese.

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