1944 rations diet: day 5

The powdered egg has arrived. This pack is the equivalent of 21 eggs, or about 7 weeks’ rations. I have used this stuff before, for scrambled eggs, omelettes and cooking. It’s not that bad, particularly as scrambled eggs.

As predicted, the main meal was “bubble and squeak”, made with a whole leek, a slice of cabbage, an onion and five potatoes, none of which impact my ration allowance. I still have a leek and half a cabbage to find some way to use.

In the last 36 hours I have been directed to the facebook site of someone who has been dieting on WW2 rations since June, with a one year project. She has prepared a starter document which answers many of my unsolved questions about specific items under the rationing regime.

I am adopting a new accounting method. Rather than accounting for every morsel consumed, and because I share the household with someone not dedicated to the project, I will treat our larder, fridge and freezer as a general store and account for goods as they are “bought” (i.e. opened).

I will set up a spreadsheet of “coupons” and mark them off as goods are started. For example, the dried egg shown above will use about seven weeks of coupons. Therefore no more eggs will be available until the account is clear. If I should use a fresh egg, as I expect to today from a “reduced to clear” supermarket meal, that will extend the period of the dried or fresh egg rations.

I hope this will make it easier to account for and give more flexibility. We shall see.

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