1994 Rations diet. Day 4

Today I have made a “Woolton Pie”, named after the Minister of Food. To be more precise, I have made one medium sized Woolton Pie and three small ones for freezing. Ingredients are carrots, cabbage, swede, onions, potatoes, a leek, butter, mustard, cheese, milk and seasoning.

It involved a lot of pots and pans, (possibly even more than the Memsahib uses for Christmas lunch), but it was a good use of my excess vegetables. However, because of the way retailing is organised nowadays, I now have half a cabbage and two leeks to work with in the forthcoming days.

Searching for recipes to use these. I will start with my great, great aunt’s cookery book (inscribed 1898) for inspiration. I foresee “bubble and squeak” for lunch tomorrow.

This diet project is giving me a lot of introspection and also an insight into how my mother and her parents and grandparents lived and made do with what was available.

In the run-up to Christmas each year my Grandfather would slaughter the pig that he had been rearing and my Grandmother would begin work on it. Without refrigeration, most of the meat would be salted or sold fresh in their grocery shop (I guess subject to rationing between 1940 and 1954), the trotters cooked for a meal, the brains made into brawn (very tasty) and every other part used in some way.

Back to my ration-based diet, I am now well over my cheese consumption ration for the week after making the Woolton Pies, but I had plenty in stock and I have not needed to buy anything from my ration book this week, except cooking bacon, and I have three ration meals in hand stored in the freezer. I have sufficient bacon for the next six weeks for use in in various meals.

By the way, the Memsahib used two week’s personal ration of fresh eggs and half a week’s meat ration for her evening meal yesterday evening. I looked on enviously.

This evening, after a few days of mainly vegetables, I plan to treat myself to a meat and onion pattie with a wholemeal bun, taking my meat consumption up to 84% of my weekly ration,

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