1944 Ration diet: Day 4

A sad problem with trying to follow a wartime diet regime in modern Britain, unless one has an allotment or vegetable garden, is the issue of obtaining small enough ration quantities.

For example, today I needed one leek. In 1944 I might have plucked one from the garden or bought one from the greengrocer or the market. Today I have to buy a pack of three. Therefore I have to find ways to use the other two.

This is one of the problems of modern life. We are encouraged to “multi-buy” with 3 for 2 deals. “BOGOF” (Buy one, get one free) and the like. This only leads to over-consumption or food waste.

The surplus leeks will be consumed, possibly in a soup.

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One thought on “1944 Ration diet: Day 4”

  1. I have a great ww2 recipe with leek for you. It’sfrom a 1940s sewing magazine:

    Cut the leek in thin pieces and roast it in a pan with a bit of fat, salt and sugar. Add a bit of water to deglaze (you can add some leftover meat. I added some smoked tofu)
    Boil potatos and make mashed potatos (a bit milk, a tiny bit of fat, salt, pepper, muscat nut)
    Combine everything, put it into a pie form and top it with breadcrumbs. Put it into the oven until the crumbs look nice and golden.
    It’s really good and enough food for some meals.

    Rationed food needed: a splash of milk and a bit of fat and maybe some meat scraps

    I hope, I could help

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