1944 diet: Day 2

Today I have had some successes and some failures. I have exceeded my ham and bacon allowance for two reasons. The first is that I have some left-over ham slices that need to be eaten or thrown away. The second is explained below.

I wanted to make a rabbit stew, since rabbit is good lean meat and was not on ration. However, after a diligent search around local butchers and trawling the internet I have only found three places where I can buy it for delivery. The cheapest of these has a minimum meat order of equivalent to six whole rabbits and the next best charges twice the price and I would need to order three. All of these would be previously frozen and thawed en route, so I could not freeze them again at home.

Thus it looks like rabbit stew is out. Possibly a blessing in disguise, because I remember from my childhood that rabbit stinks to high heaven during cooking. So I must find an alternative, most likely chicken breast. I did find a retailer of squirrel, but not currently available.

For today’s stew I therefore used my week’s ration of cooking bacon (120g), but I had already eaten some of the left-over sliced ham from the same allowance. The stew is enough for two good meals, the other constituents being potatoes, carrots, swede and parsnip, all off-ration. I have enough spare vegetables for another two similar meals. I may attempt a Woolton Pie if I feel brave.

Of course, I am measuring my ration against what I eat, whereas in reality I should be counting what I buy. My home is far better stocked at the commencement of this diet, but as I need to replenish food items I will be checking off my “coupons”

After two days here is my progress chart:

FoodstuffRation (g)Running totalPercentage
Bacon & Ham120150125%
Other meat54010519%
Butter & Margarine180106%
Ration (ml)
Progress summary Tuesday week 1

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4 thoughts on “1944 diet: Day 2”

  1. I bred Californian meat rabbits when we were being self-sufficient and following rations.
    The local butcher would exchange one rabbit a fortnight for a bag of the cheaper cuts of meat I requested, and home made sausages, and told me how to cook them.
    He gave me free stock bones.
    We kept a few hens, ducks and quail, and bees, and had an allotment with abundant compost.

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