Crete 1941 – Suda area parachute drop

I have resolved the landings of the parachute troops around the Suda area. The steps involved for each company were: 1. Determine on German map the attempted drop hex. 2. Check on the allied map if that hex is occupied. 3. Determine drift by die roll according to the boardgame rules. 4. Place the unit on the allied map. 5. Copy the location to the “Locations” database sheet. 6. Copy the real landing position to the German map. 7. Mark German uunit as dealt with on the German map. 8. SAVE THE FILE. (learned after having to restart the whole process!)

The Germans lost three companies which drifted into Suda Bay. HQ 2 Bn 3 Para Regt, 10 and 12 Coys 3 Bn 3 Para Regt. The remainder landed relatively safely.

Here then is the Suda area with parachute landings indicated. For clarity I have shown Allied units in blue and Germans in red. Note that the unit position only indicates the hexagon it is in, not the exact position. More Germans may be added when I resolve the glider landings, but next I move to the Maleme sector.

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