Unfortunate interventions

Apologies to my readers for the lack of progress on the Crete campaign.

I have been suffering from extreme lethargy since starting a new course of medication prescribed by my GP. I have to take it before going to bed because it can cause drowsiness, but I am finding that I need to sleep during the day too. Fortunately, I am retired, so it’s not a major issue.

I have also been engrossed in my waking hours by the events in Ukraine and the chaos in British politics. In the case of the latter, there has been a vague reason given by the Leader of the House why the Prime Minister was not available to answer an Urgent Question from the Leader of the Opposition. I suspect she may have been at Buckingham Palace to ask the King to appoint a new Prime Minister.

At this point I must apologise to non-UK readers who will have little idea of the protocol of the British Parliament and its interaction with the Monarchy. I will not even try to explain, because I only have a layman’s understanding of the ins and outs of the way it works.

Suffice it to say that after only 38 days in office the Prime Minister sacked her Chancellor (Finance Minister) and replaced him with one who has overturned the entire policy upon which she was chosen to replace the discredited former Prime Minister. For foreigners, she was not elected by the people, but by about 150,000 members of her party after a series of “run-off” elections by Members of Parliament from her own party.

The country is in a political mess and I expect the Prime Minister to resign within days, if not hours. If so, she will beat the previous record of shortest tenure, set by George Canning at 119 days.

Sorry that this has become a post about politics when it started out as an apology for my inaction. Now I can only apologise about my country, that used to be the governor of 1/3 of the globe. Now I suspect the current Government could not organise a drinks party in a production facility for alcoholic beverages. Neither could their opponents.

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