Corunna Bathtubbed – the fourth and final hour.

5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Step 1. Artillery Fire

Blue artillery against formed Red infantry at 3 squares. Needs red, rolls 4 reds, and 3 are saved. Red suffers a third hit and loses a battalion. Morale (now yellow zone) rolls red and is OK.

Red artillery has targets of skirmishers at 1 and 2 squares (normally need red to hit, but skirmishers adjust this to yellow), skirmishers at 4 squares (yellow adjusted to green), formed troops at 5 (yellow hits) and artillery at 6 (yellow hits). 4 dice roll 3 yellows and a green. The nearest targets are hit first, so the closest skirmishers take 3 hits, removing 3 bases (a battalion and a half). The distant skirmishers also lose half a battalion. Both surviving units roll for morale, and are both in the red morale zone with only 1 base each. Both roll yellow and retreat 2 squares. The furthest unit runs back through two friendly units to the rear.

Step 2. Skirmishers and scouts move.

Red moves up two battalions on the right flank. The skirmishers in contact with the cavalry remain where they are. Blue advances one battalion from the stream on their right centre and a second battalion enters Piedrolonga and takes up defensive positions.

Step 3. Skirmishers fire.

Red vs Blue dragoons. Two battalions fire. The first scores one hit and after a morale check the dragoons retire one square. The second unit misses. One Red battalion fires at Blue’s light cavalry, scoring one hit. The cavalry also retire one square, directly away from the firing.

One Blue company fires at formed Red infantry, and hits. Red’s morale check is OK.

One Blue battalion fires at Red’s artillery and misses. 

Step 4. Volley fire.

Red firing at Blue’s artillery at long range and scores one hit. Morale is OK. One Red battalion and one Blue battalion (disordered) trade volleys at range 2 squares. Red shoots first, rolling red and missing. Blue replies and hits with green (disordered troops adjust die result). 

Step 5. Close order units move.

Red’s brigade that retreated earlier advances again, enthusiastically overshooting their best position and descending into the valley. Blue orders three charges on the right flank. Red takes a hit and retires one square.

Blue’s infantry in Piedralonga fire at the nearest Red Infantry. No hits.

Step 6. Deployed cavalry move.

Blue advances his cavalry on the right flank.

Step 7. Skirmishers move.

Some minor re-aligning of bases.

Step 8. Formation changes and rally.

All disordered units recover. Units facing the rear face about. The Blue cavalry on the right flank change to march column to cross the bridge. Three Blue infantry battalions launch skirmishers into the stream in the centre.

Step 9. Charge!

No charges are ordered.

Step 10. Volley fire.

Red infantry against Blue artillery at long range scores 1 hit. Blue loses a battery and checks morale. Retreat two squares, but the second square is woods at the edge of the table, so the second battery is also removed.

Blue vs Red infantry trade volleys at long range between Piedrolonga and Eiris. Blue shoots first and misses. Red replies with one hit. Blue retreats in disorder into the stream.

Another trading of volleys at long range has no effect.

Against Piedrolonga village: Red shoots first and scores 1 hit. Blue abandons the village and retreats in disorder.

Step 11. Hand to hand.

There is no close combat

Step 12. March columns move.

A Blue brigade crosses the bridge, followed by a cavalry brigade.

As dusk falls it is clear that Red has held off most of Blue’s attacks. Even where pushed back on their left flank they still outnumber the enemy. Overnight they will pull out and board ship for evacuation.

An interesting game. Some tweaks to the rules will be needed, but on the whole it worked. They did show how terrain can slow planned attacks, and in one case how a unit, if ordered to advance, may easily get out of hand.

The next post will be the rule set.

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