Model tank review

I have recently become aware of a company called, and subscribed to their mailing list.

A few days ago a new item was posted. 1/72 tanks. I decided to give them a try, for use for my WW2 skirmish games or more likely my Imagi-nation games of the Belgican civil war, set around 1950-60ish.

Thus I could use WW2 surplus and new models with my collection of old Airfix polythene tanks.

The offer was for 1/72 models, randomly supplied. I ordered five models at £1 each and £2.99 postage for a trial. Here is what I rteceived.

Random selection received

So I had three WW2 German armoured vehicles and two more modern models that might be pressed into use. Not bad for £8.

I unboxed the Tiger tank. It consists of a simple instruction sheet, upper hull, lower hull, rear hull, two complete wheel sections, rubber tracks, turret, barrel, hatch cover and a couple of vague pieces that look like they should go between the rear hull and main hull.


Assembly: The kit snaps together without any need for glue.

The rubber-ish tracks fitted neatly over the wheel sections.

The next step was to clip the gun and gun mantle into the front of the turret. It needed a bit of trimming. Next step was to clip the wheel sections to the lower hull, which needed a bit of juggling.

Next the turret is clipped to the upper hull and that assembly is pushed onto the lower hull/track assembly.

At this point I ran into a problem. There are two small parts (D6) that apparently should fit between the rear hull plate and the main hull, but I could not work out where they fitted.* And while attaching the rear hull the left track fell off. I managed to re-attach it but decided to use some polystyrene cement to reinforce the connection.

The final part to attach is the turret hatch, which can be clipped or glued into the open or closed position.

The final model

*I never found out where the two “D6” parts should be fitted.

On the whole, a useful pre-painted wargame model at a very cheap price. I would buy it again. For reference, it is “AtoZ” “Build & Play” No. 6215. Barcode reference 5 012866 062158. Made/Supplied by Padgett Bros.,WF5 9NJ, UK.

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