Are we missing something?

Wargamers will be familiar with the idea of battalions of 24 or 36 models – or even “big battalions” of up to 60 figures – manoeuvring around the table top.

But what should they really look like?

As an experiment today I laid out some models to represent an English battalion at the time of Marlborough in 1 model = 1 man ratio. I ran out of redcoats and had to substitute a few others at the far end of the line.

In 6mm a line of 700 men in 13 companies deployed in three ranks is 34”/86cm from end to end, but only a half inch or 12mm deep.

In 2mm the battalion is 14”/35cm wide.

One thing is for sure. Whatever your favourite rule set says, it’s going to take more than “half a move to change formation”! Makes you think.

I am trying to create some 1:1 company/squadron sized units for the period in 3mm to try out a few gaming ideas. Don’t hold your breath…

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General Whiskers

Wargaming butterfly (mainly solo), unpainted model figure amasser, and Historical Re-enactor of the black powder era.

One thought on “Are we missing something?”

  1. Excellently visualised, Paul!

    Years ago, I ran a 1/300 meeting engagement at COW between a NATO battalion in defence and a Soviet Motor Rifle Regiment attacking from the line of march. The table was about 5m long and 1m wide, with only half the Regiment on the table by the time that the head contacted the NATO front line! Phil Barker Commanded the Soviets by sitting outside on a chair on the lawn, and shouting his commands through the open window. I was making a similar point about real estate.

    Regards, Chris.

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