Technology – uses and abuses

Modern technology is wonderful – if you understand it. I have been searching for a way to take “eye-level” view photographs and video from my 6mm/1:300 battlefields.

With the naked eye I can get superb views using this cheap periscope used upside-down.

A “Looky” periscope, found on Amazon.

I also use dentists’ mirrors. But photographs are not so good.

What the eye sees, the camera does not.

I have tried using a mobile ‘phone camera, but cannot get into the gaps as I would wish, so they are generally “drone view” pictures.

Typical ‘phone camera shot

I have tried three “endoscope” inspection cameras for i-Phone connection with limited success. Trying to keep the cable camera level is extremely difficult.

Nice setting. Shame the bloke with the camera was drunk.

They all seem to rely on wi-fi connection, and the latest (just returned to Amazon), disabled my normal wi-fi settings when connected, then refused to work because “there is no internet wi-fi”.

And so I have bitten the bullet and bought for twice the price a stand-alone inspection camera with an illuminated side-view lens. This will record onto a chip to be processed through my lap-top PC. I will need to cope with 5m of unwanted cable, but maybe one day my drains will be blocked and I will be grateful. We shall see.

More information with illustrations – I hope – from the next battlefield.

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General Whiskers

Wargaming butterfly (mainly solo), unpainted model figure amasser, and Historical Re-enactor of the black powder era.

5 thoughts on “Technology – uses and abuses”

  1. Hold your iPhone upside down. The camera is at the correct level. Invert the ensuing photos. Done 😉

    1. The problem is that the ‘phone is too big to fit between the scenery, so pictures can only be from above rooftop or treetop level. Hence the apparent “drone” view.

  2. Looks good. The Lionel Tarr Periscope has come of age! Of course, if you wargamed in a sensible scale none of this would be a problem 🙂 I’m continually amazed that your 6mm terrain looks better than my 15mm stuff!

    Regards, Chris.

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