Unternehmen Launenhaft 3

One of the good things about solo wargaming is that you can change or invent rules in the middle of a game. I started the current game using my own rules, but decided that the tank vs tank rules were wrong, it being too hard to achieve a result. I turned to Flames of War and adapted the rules for 6mm hex-based combat. After only two turns I realised that tank vs tank combat in these rules is probably fine for interactive games, but too complex for solo play.

So I continued with another set of home-grown rules, the Universal Wargame set. I have developed this rule set over a number of years, starting with Napoleonic combat. I now have the core ruleset and period-based modules. This game will use the 1939-45 module. The rules stipulate the ground scale as 250 yards to a hex, but I am using 100 yards to the hex. Play is not affected.

A little adjustment to the forces on the table was required, mainly to ensure that all units had a command element as appropriate.

On the clifftop the tank battle continued with the Germans pushing the British Matildas back.
A squadron of A-13 cruisers moved into Lower Eype. A Coy, Dorsets moved out of Watton Farm to retake the radio station.
On the east flank the Recce troop moved slowly down the cratered road out of Bridport, flanked by elements of B Coy. Dorsets.
Bridport was struck by another salvo from the destroyer offshore. Several houses were set alight.
At Lower Eype the Hussars were ambushed with grenades and heavy machine gun fire and thrown into disarray.
Back on the clifftop the two German tanks wiped out the Matildas of the Royal Tank Regt (by spectacularly rolling 12 against 2). The Germans then had to retire to the harbour for re-arming.
On the west flank the Hussarspulled back and then skirted Lower Eype, passing to the north of the village.
At West Bay the German infantry consolidated in preparation to attack the Dorsets advancing from Bridport.
Several cows in the fields opposite wandered down to the river for a drink.
The re-armed German tanks attacked the Yeomanry’s last remaining A-10 and destroyed it (again rolling 3 sixes from 4 dice!).
The mountain troops at Lower Eype were ordered to leave their MGs to watch the road and to send the rifle platoons to recapture the radio station. The first platoon to attempt this was beaten back by rifle fire.

To be continued…

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