Eighty years on.

Chapter Thirteen: September 1940

1st September 1940


A busy day around the U.K.

The Luftwaffe again targeted RAF airfields, using the same tactics but on a reduced scale compared to the previous two days.  The RAF ignored probing flights of only Messerschmitts in the morning.  Three large raids came across the Channel at 11 a.m., 1.30 p.m. and 5.30 p.m.  As usual they split up.  Airfields at Hawkinge, Lympne, Kenley, Detling and Sherburn, and docks in the East End of London were attacked. Biggin Hill was bombed again in the middle of the funerals of those killed in the last two days.

The Luftwaffe lost 17 fighters but the fighter screen was so dense that only 8 bombers were shot down. The RAF lost 15 fighters, with six pilots killed.  There was less bombing than previous nights, with attacks in Kent, Bristol Channel, South Wales and along the Tyne and Tees in the north-east of England.  Oil tanks at Llandarcy, South Wales were bombed and set afire.

Just after midnight, U-101 sank the Greek SS Efploia 100 miles north-west of Ireland.  The entire crew abandoned ship in two lifeboats and are picked up by the destroyer HMS Anthony.  In the evening U-32 hit the British cruiser HMS Fiji with her last torpedo 200 miles west of Isle of Lewis, Scotland.  Fiji was badly damaged but returned to the Clyde under her own power escorted by four destroyers. Fiji’s place in the expedition to Dakar (Operation Menace) was be taken by the Australian cruiser HMAS Australia.

British submarine HMS Tigris sank the French fishing vessel Sancte Michael with her deck gun near Brest, France.  The Submarine HMS Sunfish, leaving Grangemouth at 11.30 p.m., collided with the patrol launch Mesme which sank with her three crew.

The British minesweeping trawler HMT Royalo sank after hitting a mine off Penzance, Cornwall.

Cruisers HMS Orion and HMAS Sydney and destroyers HMS Decoy and Ilex shelled the Italian Dodecanese islands of Scarpanto (now Karpathos) and Stampalia (now Astypalea) in the Southern Aegean Sea. HMS Ilex rammed and sank the Italian motor torpedo boat MAS537.

In Lithuania the Japanese Consul was expelled after it was revealed that he was issuing exit visas to Jews.

The Italians captured Buna, Kenya.

The New England hurricane reached peak intensity as it passed by Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. The storm did $4 million in damage and resulted in 7 fatalities.

Game day 367. Week 53.  Central and South America

The latest data collection exercise covers everywhere from Mexico southwards, including the Caribbean.

Mexico has 19 million people with 8 major cities, is self-sufficient as to food, and produces 110,000 tons of oil per week.  No details are available related to armed forces.

Argentina has a population of 14 million and 4 major cities.  The main resource is food (notably beef), of which there is a weekly surplus of 350,000 tons.  The United Kingdom will be a major customer.  No details of the armed forces are available.

Bolivia is a country of 3 million, centred on the capital La Paz. It is self-sufficient and neutral.

Brazil is a populous country with 40 million people and is just self-sufficient.  There are no notable exports.  It has a small navy of half a dozen ships and is neutral.

Chile has only 5 million people and is self-sufficient.  There are no relevant resources.  I have no details about the armed forces.

Colombia has a population of 9 million, two-thirds of whom live in the Capital, Bogota.  The army is 16,000 men and the navy has 2 destroyers and 8 smaller vessels.  The main exports are coffee to the USA and Platinum, making it strategically important.

Costa Rica is a small neutral country in Central America. With a population of only 1 million it has no imports or exports needed for the game.

Cuba is a country of 4 million and is self-sufficient.  The main export is sugar, insufficient to record in the game.  The navy consists of several submarine-chasers, used in the Caribbean.

Dominica (Santo Domingo) has a population of 2 million and contributes nothing to the war effort.

Ecuador also has a population of 2 million.  It has a small army of 2,300 men.

To be continued…

Aside: Cor – this is taking longer than I expected. I only have the rest of South America, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific and the belligerent Germany and British Empire to analyze and then we can get back to fighting…

I plan to calculate the industrial, import and export totals on a weekly basis, transferring military forces and convoys, etc. to their respective positions in their country’s game turn. meanwhile, particularly naval, interceptions may take place.

Countries not actively involved in conflict will simply have their new situation calculated. belligerent nations will need to review historical actions since their last turn and attempt to act accordingly.

This all has to be trialed and play-tested. Can someone please find me a psychiatrist?

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