Eighty years on. 13th August 1940


Believing they had crippled British RDF warning systems, the Luftwaffe launched Adlertag (Eagle Day) to mark the start of large bomber raids against RAF airfields.  The objective was to clear the sky over Southern England within four days.  Despite cloudy weather, there were heavy raids along the south coast of England.  As the weather cleared through the afternoon the Luftwaffe launched a massive attack of 300 aircraft to bomb RAF airfields.  However Eagle Day went badly for Germany as many bomber raids were beyond the range of their fighter support.  The Germans lost 40 bombers and 36 fighters, while RAF losses were 2 Spitfires and 11 Hurricanes, with only three pilots killed.  The minesweeping trawler HMT Elizabeth Angela was sunk by German bombing off Dover.

The Royal Navy contributed to the defence of British Somaliland.  The cruiser HMS Carlisle shot down an Italian aircraft attacking Berbera.  Forty miles West of Berbera the destroyer HMS Kimberley and sloop HMS Auckland shelled the port of El Sheikha, now in Italian hands.  Italian troops again attacked British defenses at Tug Argan but were held off.

Ten miles North of Ireland U-60 sank the Swedish steamer Nils Gorthon, carrying wood pulp.

Vichy France passed a law aimed at Freemasonry by banning secret societies.

Three members of the Australian cabinet were killed in an air crash at Canberra.

Game day 348.  Germany

The only activity amongst neutral countries being the ongoing movement of the convoy from Hawaii to the USA, the turn passed to Germany.

An AA gun unit was deployed to protect the industrial area (which was moved to the north coast).  One fighter unit was deployed in Germany and two in France.  Despite the lack of definite air superiority four fighter squadrons were ordered by high command (i.e. history) to attack one fighter base at map square 44,27.  Apart from the fighter unit and defending AA unit on site, the British put up three more defending fighter units.

All four German fighters were shot down.  The British lost the AA defences of the air base and one supporting fighter unit.  The Luftwaffe was now without any units at all, so the air assault on the RAF was going to be difficult!

At sea, there were two submarine vs submarine encounters.  Off Scotland a one to one encounter resulted in a German victory, while to the north-west two submarines took on one, resulting in the loss of the British submarine.

One Bomber unit was deployed in Poland.  An industrial unit was built in Norway.

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