Eighty years on. 4th August 1940


Despite fine weather over England, there was almost no Luftwaffe activity, with just a few reconnaissance missions and half-hearted raids on shipping.  There was no bombing overnight due to widespread fog.

In East Africa the main Italian thrust took the most direct route towards Berbera on the main road via Hargeisa through the Karrim Pass, its flank protected by a smaller column a few miles to the east. Further west, another column advanced along the border with French Somaliland.

U-58 sank the Greek steamer Pindos carrying grain from Sierra Leone to Britain ten miles from the Irish coast.   Three hundred miles north-west of Ireland, U-52 sank three British steamers from convoy HX-60 – SS Geraldine Mary, SS Gogovale and SS King Alfred.  U-52 was depth-charged by Royal Navy escort vessels, causing significant damage but was able to sail to Kiel for repairs.

Three British minesweeping trawlers, HMT Drummer, Marsona and Oswaldian were sunk on German mines laid at various points around the British coast.  The German antisubmarine trawler Perseus (UJ-175) hit a mine and sank off Ameland Island on the north-west coast of Holland.

The British submarine HMS Sealion sank the Norwegian steamer Torun one mile off the south coast of Norway.  After dark the German armed merchant cruiser Widder stopped the empty Norwegian tanker Beaulieu with her guns, in the middle of the North Atlantic 1,700 miles east of Florida.  Widder was threatened by her own torpedo which became a circle runner and Beaulieu was finally sunk with scuttling charges.  

American General John J. Pershing gave a nationwide radio broadcast urging that aid be sent to Britain. “It is not hysterical to insist that democracy and liberty are threatened,” Pershing said. “Democracy and liberty have been overthrown on the continent of Europe. Only the British are left to defend democracy and liberty in Europe. By sending help to the British we can still hope with confidence to keep the war on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, where the enemies of liberty, if possible, should be defeated.” Charles Lindbergh appeared at a pro-isolationism rally in Chicago and said that “if our own military forces are strong, no foreign nation can invade us and if we do not interfere with their affairs none will desire to.”

Game day 339.  Neutrals.

All the Neutral countries gathered their resources.

The U.S.A. began to put into operation the building for the “two ocean navy”.  In the eastern USA bombers, battleships, destroyers and transports were commissioned.  In the west, a carrier, two fighter units, a destroyer and submarine were commissioned.

A convoy of supplied returned from Hawaii to the west coast.  Another convoy set sail from the Caroline Islands towards Hawaii.

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