Eighty years on. 29th July 1940


Forty Stuka Ju87s bombed Dover Harbour escorted by forty Messerschmitt Bf109s.  Spitfires of 41 and 64 Squadrons and Hurricanes of 43 and 56 Squadrons attacked, shooting down eight Ju87s and seven Bf109s.  Anti-aircraft guns downed two more Stukas.  Two Spitfires and one Hurricane were shot down. The Destroyer HMS Delight left Portland to patrol the west coast of Britain, despite new Admiralty orders banning sailing through the English Channel in daylight.   In the evening Delight was bombed by German aircraft from Cherbourg.  A bomb penetrated the foredeck causing an explosion below deck but she was able to steam back to Portland.

U-62 was on the surface sixty miles south-west of Stavanger when the British submarine HMS Sealion fired three torpedoes, which missed, and then attacked with her deck gun.  U-62 dived and escaped without damage.

U-99 sank the British SS Clan Menzies eighty miles west of Ireland. 88 survivors took to the lifeboats and made land at Enniscrone.

German naval command issued a memo noting that the mid-September 1940 date for an invasion of Britain as demanded by Hitler was possible, but recommended a postponement to May 1941.

Hitler told the military commander Alfred Jodl that the planned attack on the Soviet Union in the autumn of 1940 was no longer logistically feasible and that it would be postponed to spring 1941.

Game day 333.  Japan

Three infantry units crossed the border from China into Sinkiang at 107,37 (see map).  Four more units moved south-west to 110,41.  Six armoured units crossed from Manchukwo into Kwangtung via Peking.

A convoy carrying six armoured units left Japan for Shanghai.  Another convoy reached Japan to load more armoured units for shipment.

All Japanese units in contact with the enemy remained in defensive mode.

Two destroyers and two fighter units were commissioned in Japan and a bomber unit in Manchukuo.

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