Eighty years on. 28th July 1940


A hundred German aircraft in five groups crossed the Straits of Dover and were engaged by four squadrons of British fighters off “Hellfire Corner”.  Five Messerschmitt Bf109s and two Heinkel HE111 bombers were shot down for the loss of two Spitfires.  The Luftwaffe won a significant strategic victory, forcing the Royal Navy to withdraw all destroyers from Dover to Portsmouth during daylight, as warships are vulnerable to dive-bombing by Stukas.  Overnight, there was widespread minelaying along the coast and bombing of targets in England, Wales and Scotland.

Eighty miles west of Ireland U-99 sank the British MV Auckland Star, carrying 10,700 tons of general cargo from Australia to Britain via the Panama Canal.  The crew escaped in lifeboats and reached Ireland.

Seven hundred miles east of Brazil, near the island of Trindade, German and British armed merchant cruisers exchanged fire.  The British HMS Alcantara was hit by three shells while chasing the German raider Thor, causing Alcantara to slow down. As Thor turns away to break off, Alcantara hit her with two shells.  Both ships survived the encounter.

President Jozef Tiso, Prime Minister Vojtech Tuka and the Hlinka Guard leader Alexander Mach of the Slovak Republic met with Hitler at the Berghof.  Hitler demanded that “Slovakia should adhere loyally and unequivocally to the German cause in her domestic politics.”.  This followed meetings with the Rumanian and Bulgarian premiers in the precious two days.

The German fighter ace Werner Mölders was wounded in the legs by enemy fire during fighting over southern England but managed to return to his base at Wissant.  He was hospitalised.

In France, Germany closed the border between Vichy France and the occupied zone.

Game day 332. United Kingdom and the British Commonwealth.

1 Bomber unit flew from England to Gibraltar for operations in the Mediterranean.  Three warships also arrived at Gibraltar.  Three more sailed southwards past Portugal heading for the South Atlantic.

A cargo ship escorted by two warships passed Newfoundland en route for the USA.  The convoy was diverted to Canada to collect troops there.  Canada deployed two infantry and one armoured unit, as well as launching a new cargo ship.

Six bomber units attacked the German warship heading for Norway.  The battleship was hit five times and sank.  Britain launched a new aircraft carrier with two fighter units aboard.  The Anti-Aircraft units in the London area began to disperse to cover fighter bases.

Five submarines shadowing the German battleship came into contact with three German submarines off the north coast of Scotland.  One of the German submarines was sunk.  The other two retreated.

The Battleship en route for Singapore docked at Calicut, India.  The three merchantmen destined for Australia passed through the Straits of Hormuz.

On the border between Sudan and Italian East Africa twelve Infantry units attacked six Italian infantry units.  The Italians lost three units to the British one and fell back to the south, pursued by the British.

To the north the six Australian infantry units moved south-west with the intention of completing the British defensive line in Libya.

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