Eighty years on. 27th July 1940


Fifteen German dive bombers attacked six minesweeping trawlers and escort destroyers in the off Aldeburgh, East Anglia.  The destroyer HMS Wren was holed below the waterline by several near misses and sank.  HMS Montrose suffered damage to the hull, losing her bow, and was towed to Harwich. The Germans also bombed the port of Dover sinking the destroyer HMS Codrington, in dock for boiler cleaning.  Merchant convoys were also attacked in the English Channel.  Two German fighters and one Stuka were shot down.  The RAF lost a Spitfire and a Hurricane.

350 miles west of Scotland, U-34 attacked convoy OB-188, sinking the British SS Sambre and the tanker Thiara.

According to a Japan Foreign Affairs Ministry official report, Melville James Cox and ten other British citizens were arrested on suspicion of military espionage by Japanese military police in six Japanese cities.  Two days later, Cox committed suicide jumping from a window of his prison in Tokyo.

Game day 331.  Germany

The Warship to the north of Scotland continued towards Trondheim.  Six submarines left Bergen and fanned out in a protective screen behind the ship.

The Luftwaffe held back from any attacks in the face of superior numbers of British defensive fighter units.  The two fighter units in the Normandy area were transferred west to Brittany from where they could range further into the Atlantic or the Bay of Biscay, while still covering the south coast of England.  The Anti-aircraft units on the French northern coast began to move to protect the industrial areas following the devastating bombing of German factories by the British about a week ago.

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