Eighty years on. 25th July 1940


Another fine day for flying. Waves of 20-40 German aircraft attacked shipping and naval bases around Dover.  Ju87s and motor torpedo boats attacked 21 merchant vessels in Convoy CW8 in the Dover Strait, sinking the SS Corhaven, Polgrange, Leo, Henry Moon and Portslade.  The Germans lost 14 aircraft.  The Admiralty ordered future convoys to take place at night.

The RAF loset 4 Spitfires.  Attacks on Naval bases at Portsmouth and Portland and the flying boat station at Poole cost the Luftwaffe 7 more aircraft.

After being torpedoed by HMS Clyde on 20th June the German battleship Gneisenau had been made seaworthy and departed Trondheim for Kiel to have further repairs.  She was escorted by the cruiser Nuernberg and the destroyers Karl Galster, Lody, Jacobi, and Ihn.  The torpedo boats Luchs, Jaguar, Kondor, Iltis and T.5 joined the convoy overnight near Stavanger.

Italian bombers attacked British naval bases at Haifa and Alexandria.

General Charles de Gaulle asked Capitaine Jacques Philippe, Viscomte de Hautecloque to rally Free French forces in Equatorial Africa.

Game day 329.  Colonies of exiled governments

Most French, Dutch and Belgian colonies continued to support the war against Germany and Italy.  Each had some form of Government in exile in Britain.

French colonies:  For game purposes I diced each turn to see if the colony would support Vichy France or de Gaulle’s Free French.  I made a subjective decision based on historical information.  Below are the results for siding with the free French.

Algeria: (close to Vichy France, historically Vichy). 6 required, 6 rolled.  

French Equatorial Africa: (De Gaulle raises forces). 5,6 required, 4 rolled.

French Indo-China: (indicated support for allied cause). 4,5,6 required, 1 rolled.

French West Africa: (indicated support for allied cause). 4,5,6 required, 2 rolled.

Madagascar:  (no specific information).  6 required, 4 rolled.

Syria: (indicated support for allied cause). 4,5,6 required, 1 rolled.

 Thus all the colonies that had declared their will to continue the fight did not switch to Free French but Algeria, which remained in Vichy hands until Operation Torch, changed sides.

Dutch colonies: In view of Japanese declarations of their “Sphere of Influence” the Dutch colonies began to prepare.  Industrial units were constructed in the East Indies and New Guinea.

Belgian Colonies: The Belgian Congo was not seen as being under any threat and no action was taken.

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