Eighty years on. 24th July 1940


The Luftwaffe attempted to bomb the Rolls Royce factory in Glasgow but hit a nearby printing works instead.  Junkers Ju88s raided shipping in the Bristol Channel and one aircraft was shot down by Spitfires.  Eighteen Dornier bombers escorted by 40 Messerschmitt 109s attacked shipping in the Thames estuary, sinking the minesweeping trawler Fleming.  Two fighter squadrons were sent to see them off a third was scrambled from Gravesend to cut off their retreat.  Nine Messerschmitts were shot down at the cost of two Spitfires and a tenth was hit by anti-aircraft guns.   Off Dover the anti-submarine trawler HMS Kingston Galena and the minesweeper HMS Rodino were sunk.

1,277 French sailors, captured when French warships in British ports were seized on 3rd July, left Southampton for Marseilles on the French steamer Meknes to be repatriated.  Although flying the French flag and showing her lights to indicate neutrality, the Meknes was torpedoed and sunk in the middle of the English Channel.  About 400 men drowned, and the survivors were rescued by British destroyers HMS Viscount, Wolverine, Sabre and Shikari.

German submarine U-139 was commissioned.

Italian aircraft bombed Jerusalem, killing 46 people.

In Rumania the pro-Nazi government seized British oil interests.

Game day 328.  Italy

The USSR taking no action the turn passed to Italy.

In Libya more forces, including six armoured units, moved into the line preparing for a counterattack on the British invaders.    Bomber squadrons were relocated to southern Italy for potential action against the British in North Africa.  There was no further movement against Sudan or Kenya from East Africa.

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General Whiskers

Wargaming butterfly (mainly solo), unpainted model figure amasser, and Historical Re-enactor of the black powder era.

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