Eighty years on. 23rd July 1940


German bases in France made convoys in the English Channel an easy target for the Luftwaffe, so many convoys were re-routed around Scotland.  Consequently, there was little activity in the Channel.  The extra distance forced German bombers to fly beyond the range of their fighter escorts.  The Luftwaffe mounted a few coastal raids and minelaying overnight.

German bombers attacked British submarines in the North Sea.  East of Aberdeen a Dornier Do-17 bomber sank the HMS Narwhal on her way to lay mines off Kristiansund.  HMS Truant’s good luck continued when she was also attacked but suffered no damage.

8,000 Canadian troops bound for Britain left Halifax, Nova Scotia, on the troopships Batory, Antonia, Monarch Of Bermuda, Sobieski, Duchess Of York and Samaria, escorted by the Canadian destroyers HMCS Assiniboine and Saguenay and the British cruiser HMS Emerald

The Welles Declaration was issued, in which the United States refused to recognize the Soviet annexation of the Baltic States.  A British delegation to the U.S.A. was permitted to buy up to 40% of their aircraft production.  Britain took over many orders formerly placed by France.

Chancellor of the Exchequer Sir Kingsley Wood introduced Britain’s third war budget.  A 24% tax was imposed on luxuries, such as furs, silk stockings and cosmetics.  He also announced a 5% increase in income tax from January 1941, bringing the rate to 42.5%.  A new “Pay As You Earn” scheme was to be introduced, deducting income tax from wages at source.

The Local Defence Volunteers organisation was renamed the Home Guard at Churchill’s suggestion.

Dr. Eduard Benes formed a Czech Government in Exile in London.

Joseph Louis Anne Avenol announced his intention to resign as Secretary-General of the League of Nations.

Game day 327.  Vichy France

France was powerless to do much at all.  The convoy heading for Indo-China to collect resources passed through the Suez Canal.

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