What’s on the workbench?

Today I have made some progress with my “Bomber” project, originally planned for the “Donald Featherstone” game in March 2021. Due to a backlog of games at the Wargames Holiday Centre my game has been postponed to later in the year. This is, considering my glacially slow progress in preparation, not necessarily a bad thing.

Yesterday the long-awaited game cloth arrived. This is (in a mixture of old and new old money) 16ft x 6.5 ft and overprinted with 6cm hexagons. The arrival of the cloth means that I can start trying to paint terrain items to match the base colours. Unfortunately, due to Mark’s business needs the table for which it was bought will no longer exist. Ho hum.

I have painted the bases of two airfIelds and four small towns in 1/3000 scale, using Brushscape Muddy Green. When dry I will check the colour match and correct as necessary.

On another front I have been making town and village bases for use with my Travel Battle boards. These games are played in 3mm or 1/600 scale on a 1” grid layout. All of the settlements in the photograph below use the buildings provided with the game, except the 3d printed cathedral/church, of which I am particularly proud. I scaled down a print design found on the internet. It was my last successful print and I have now sold the printer. The model is probably closer to 1/1000 scale, but the footprint and general compatibility with other buildings were more important.

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Wargaming butterfly (mainly solo), unpainted model figure amasser, and Historical Re-enactor of the black powder era.

5 thoughts on “What’s on the workbench?”

    1. Well i wish Mark well, but thats sad news, the WHC, as was, will hold a special place in my gaming heart for all the wargaming memories it gave me, beginning with our epic 33.5 foot drive to relieve the paras at Arnhem which fell short by about 12 feet ! Ah! those endless open 27 foot tables and those pesky Jagdpanthers !!

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