Eighty years on. 17th July 1940


Bad weather restricted flying across most coastal areas of Britain.  The Luftwaffe bombed Bristol and industrial centres on the East coast of Scotland.

The British submarine H31 sank the German anti-submarine trawler Steiermark off the coast of Holland. Other German anti-submarine trawlers counterattacked but H31 was undamaged.

U-43 sank the British SS Fellside west of Ireland.  And U-34 sank the Greek SS Naftilos.  Off the north Scottish coast, U-57 sank the Swedish SS O.A. Brodin and the British SS Manipur.

German bombers sank the Estonian SS Leola south of Ireland.

In the Mediterranean, Italian bombers sank the Finnish SS Wiiri off Malta.

The British government announced that the Burma Road would be closed for three months.  This had the effect of stopping the flow of arms to Chinese forces fighting the Japanese.  However traffic was already reduced in this period because of the monsoon.

Vichy France passed a law forbidding employment to those not born of French parents.

Game day 321. Italy

In Libya infantry and armoured units continued to move south-eastwards to outflank British units whose westward advance had been blocked by a line of infantry.

In East Africa six infantry units reached the border with Sudan, while a further six crossed into Kenya to the south.

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