Operation Sealion.

The opening stages of my solo campaign of Operation Sealion. The plan is to game this with all the campaign data in an Excel workbook and the table-top engagements using 3mm (1:600 scale) models on boards (some adapted) from the Perry Miniatures “Travel Battle” game. For the mapping of the boards I am indebted to Bob Cordery on his Wargame Miscellany blog.

So far I have mapped the first two of four German parachute landings at 01:00 on 17th September 1940. One, at Postling, was unopposed. the second, at Lympne Airfield, has yet to be gamed.

Here are the local battle maps:

German parachute landings at Lympne Airfield.

The story so far…

At 01:00 on 17th September 1940 2nd Fallschirmjaeger Regiment parachuted into the area around Postling.
Two companies failed to arrive: No. 11 (Rifle) Company and No. 14 (Machine Gun) Company.
Otherwise the landing was successful with no troops lost due to landing in woods or on rooftops.
3rd Fallschirmjaeger Regiment dropped onto the area around Lympne Airfield. Some of the troops landed in the woods to the west of the airfield but no serious casualties were suffered.
No. 7 Company dropped on the field between two AA gun positions.
No. 2 Company dropped directly onto one of the AA gun positions and wiped out the crew.

Here is the model of “an RAF airfield” produced for the game. this may occupy any flat area of 4 x 3 squares on one of the boards. The squares are 1″ across.

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