Eighty years on. 8th April 1940


In the final day of the British naval attacks on French warships, Swordfish torpedo bombers from HMS Hermes hit the French battleship Richelieu again at Dakar.  British motor torpedo boats attacked the French battleship Jean Bart at Casablanca.  General de Gaulle, leader of the Free French in London, denounced the attacks on Vichy French warships, saying that “all Frenchmen are dismayed”.

U-99 sank the British SS Humber Arm from convoy HX-53, carrying newsprint pulp, timber and steel, south of Ireland.  U-99 was attacked with 107 depth charges by the convoy escorts over 14 hours but escaped undamaged.

The Italians damaged two British ships in the Mediterranean.   The submarine Marconi torpedoed the destroyer HMS Escort south-west of Minorca.  Escort   later sank under tow.  The cruiser HMS Gloucester was bombed by Italian aircraft.  

British bombers attacked the German heavy cruiser Lützow in dock at Kiel.  Lützow, under repair for extensive torpedo damage to her stern caused by HMS Spearfish on 11th April, was hit by a bomb which failed to explode.

Sweden and Germany signed an agreement allowing the transit of German materiel to pass between Norway and ports in southern Sweden.

Game day 312. USSR

The Soviet Union collected 29 Industrial Resource Points.

No action was taken.

No new map.

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