Eighty years on. 20th June 1940


While the Italian Army massed 32 divisions in two armies on the French border, the French sued for peace.  However, Mussolini was determined to take French territory to bargain for colonies in North Africa.

In Operation Ariel, 9,000 Polish soldiers were evacuated from Bayonne aboard the Polish ships Batory and Sobieksi.

U-30, U-38, U-48 and U-122 each sank one merchant vessel (carrying wheat, iron ore, coal and fuel oil) around the British Isles and in the Bay of Biscay.

To provide a diversion for the damaged battleship Scharnhorst to return to Kiel for repairs, the battleship Gneisenau and cruiser Admiral Hipper departed from Trondheim for operations near Iceland. Northwest of Trondheim, Gneisenau was torpedoed by the British submarine HMS Clyde and returned to Trondheim for repairs.

The Battle of Saumur ended in German victory.

Luftwaffe bombs fell on Dibden Parish Church in Hampshire.

The first Australian and New Zealand troops arrived in the United Kingdom.

President Roosevelt named Henry L. Stimson the new Secretary of War and Frank Knox the new Secretary of the Navy.

Game day 294. Norway

Norway, seeing that the Germans were building up their forces in the south and abandoned by their French and British allies, surrendered to the inevitable.  The Germans now had additional resources and direct access to the North Atlantic.

Credits:   Historical information:  http://www.worldwar2daybyday.blogspot.com, Wikipedia, Chronicle of the Second World War (JL International Publications, 1994).  Background image to game maps: Hasbro Ltd. 

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Wargaming butterfly (mainly solo), unpainted model figure amasser, and Historical Re-enactor of the black powder era.

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