Eighty years on. 14th June 1940


The Germans entered Paris city unopposed, as it had been declared an open city to avoid destruction. French troops continued a fighting retreat further south. To the east the German 1st Army under General Erwin von Witzleben broke through the Maginot Line near Saarbrücken.

Stalin plans to incorporate the Baltic stated of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia into Soviet Union, restoring the pre-1918 Russian borders and began by imposing a sea and air blockade of Estonia.  Two Soviet DB-3T torpedo bombers shot down a Finnish civilian Junkers Ju 52 aircraft shortly after take-off from Tallinin, Estonia.   The aircraft crashed into the sea and all 9 passengers and crew were killed, including American and French diplomats.   The Soviet submarine Щ-301 surfaced and collected French diplomatic mail from the sea.

Four French cruisers and eleven destroyers attacked the Italian port of Genoa, shelling oil storage tanks. The French destroyer Albatros was hit and damaged by Italian coastal artillery.

South-west of Ireland U-38 sank the Greek steamer Mount Myrto carrying a cargo of timber.  In the same area, U-47 sank the British SS Balmoralwood carrying 8,730 tons of wheat and four aircraft.  West of Cape Finisterre U-101 stopped the Greek steamer Antonis Georgandis and sank her with the deck gun, after the crew had abandoned ship.

Spain’s dictator, General Francisco Franco, took advantage of the German invasion of France by occupying the international zone at Tangier.

728 Polish prisoners arrived at a new concentration camp at Oświęcim, known to the Germans as Auschwitz.

Game day 288.  Germany

To help resolve the stalemate in Norway, a further infantry battalion was flown to join the battalion near Oslo.

The two warships in the North Atlantic received intelligence of the British merchantman in the Bay of Biscay and sailed south to intercept.

In France, seven armoured battalions attacked three French infantry battalions in the industrial area of north-east France (Map AU29).  The French were eliminated but the Germans lost three armoured battalions in the attack, delaying their advance.

East of Paris, at AV30, the defending infantry battalion was attacked by two fighter squadrons and wiped out, while at AV32 the remaining French Infantry battalion was attacked by one infantry battalion supported by three fighter squadrons.  One squadron was lost but the French were defeated and the German infantry advanced.

Twelve reinforcing battalions, six armoured and six infantry, marched westwards through Germany.

Credits:   Historical information:  http://www.worldwar2daybyday.blogspot.com, Wikipedia, Chronicle of the Second World War (JL International Publications, 1994).  Background image to game maps: Hasbro Ltd. 

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