Eighty years on. 6th May 1940


At Narvik, the Allies tightened the noose around General Dietl’s Regiment.  The South Wales Borderers were in position west of Narvik while the French Chasseurs Alpins and colonial artillery troops pressed their attack on the Labergdal Pass to the North, across the fjord. The Luftwaffe bombed Allied ships near Narvik.   The cruiser HMS Enterprise was slightly damaged by a near miss.

The 2nd Gebirgsjäger Division continued their march north from Trondheim to reinforce Dietl’s Regiment.

The submarine HMS Sealion attacked German transports Moltkefels and Neidenfels in the Skagerrak. Sealion claimed three hits, but in fact all the torpedoes miss the targets.

East of Denmark the submarine HMS Snapper fired 2 torpedoes at the German armed merchant cruiser Widder but missed.

Prisoners from Hegra were marched 50 kilometres to Berkåk where a PoW camp was established.  At Berkåk the prisoners were set at work at building an improvised road from the river Orkla near Berkåk across the woods to Brattset, to help the German logistic system that had been severely hampered by the numerous blown bridges.

Pope Pius XII shared intelligence with the Princess of Italy Marie José of Belgium that had been gathered by Vatican agents indicating that Germany was planning an attack on the Low Countries.

A massive German armoured motorized column was spotted driving west through the Ardennes, but the Belgian Army did not respond.

Unemployment in the United Kingdom fell below one million for the first time in twenty years.

Game day 249.  Germany

Germany collected 10.5 Industrial resource Points.

Armour and infantry units continued to move westwards.

Six bomber and six fighter squadrons attacked three Norwegian infantry battalions near Oslo.  The Norwegians were wiped out for the loss of one fighter squadron.

Six infantry battalions attacked four British infantry battalions near Narvik.  The British were destroyed for no loss.


Historical information:  worldwar2daybyday.blogspot.com,  Wikipedia, Chronicle of the Second World War (JL International Publications, 1994)

Background image to game maps: Hasbro Ltd.

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