Eighty years on. 5th May 1940


The submarine HMS Seal surfaced early in the morning with no power or steering.   She was attacked by German bombers and surrendered using a white table-cloth.   All 60 crew were taken prisonerand Seal was towed to the new German base at Frederikshavn, Denmark.

To support the landings of British Independent Companies to intercept 2nd Gebirgsjäger’s advance towards Narvik the destroyers HMS Juno and Veteran arrived at Mosjöen while HMS Nubian and Firedrake sailed to Bodö.

The Hegra Fortress surrendered after a siege lasting 24 days, following the Allied evacuation around Trondheim and the surrender of Southern Norway.  190 volunteer soldiers and a civilian nursewere taken prisoner.  150-200 Germans have been killed or wounded attacking the fortress for the loss of 6 Norwegians dead and 14 wounded.

French Foreign Legion troops landed at Tromso.

The Norwegian Foreign Minister and Defence Minister arrived in London for talks with the British government.

Game day 248

USA collected 28 Industrial Resource Points.

A new convoy of seven escorted merchant ships left the west coast for Hanoi with supplies for China.  The empty convoy on the return route reached Hawaii.

Indicating how long it takes a convoy to cross the Pacific.

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