Eighty years on. 3rd May 1940


The evacuation from Namsos of over 4,000 British, French, Norwegian and German troops, the latter being PoWs, completed at dawn.  HMS Afridi left after shelling vehicles left behind on the dock. Luftwaffe bombers attacked the convoy sinking HMS Afridi and the French destroyer Bison.

With the British gone and the Norwegian King, government & CiC General Ruge safely in Tromsø 1000km north, Norwegian General Hvinden-Haug surrendered all troops South of Trondheim.

British and French troops evacuated from Åndalsnes arrived safely at Scapa Flow.   The French units were put on French passenger ships to Brest.

The RAF continued bombing German airfields in Norway.

German commerce raiders had their first success of the war when the auxiliary cruiser Atlantis sank the British freighter Scientist.

The government of Greenland appealed to the USA for aid.

The Swedish government requested from Germany the return of the Swedish crown jewels and gold reserves which had been shipped to Oslo for safe keeping six months earlier in fear of a Russian attack.

Game day 246. Norway

Norway could not collect any industrial resources as the country’s ownership was in dispute

In the south a joint attack between two brigades of three battalions each of Norwegian infantry attacked one battalion of German infantry.  Neither side prevailed.

Near Narvik six Norwegian infantry battalions attacked six German infantry battalions.  Again, no significant damage was inflicted to either side.

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General Whiskers

Wargaming butterfly (mainly solo), unpainted model figure amasser, and Historical Re-enactor of the black powder era.

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