Eighty years on. 30th April 1940


German 196th Division infantry arrive at Dombås on foot because of the blown bridges, but were held by the British 15th Brigade.  At dusk, the British troops withdrew from Dombås by train, destined for Åndalsnes to be evacuated.  At Namsos 146th Brigade waited evacuation by the destroyer squadron which was en route from Scapa Flow.

HMS Glasgow evacuated King Haakon and the Norwegian government from Molde to Tromso.

The RAF bombed German airfields at Stavanger and Oslo to reduce German air attacks on the planned evacuations.  The aircraft carriers HMS Ark Royal and Glorious were driven off by Luftwaffe bombing.

The cruisers HMS Manchester and Birmingham and the destroyers HMS Inglefield, Diana and Delight, under left Scapa Flow to evacuate 15th Brigade from Åndalsnes and Molde.

The minesweeper HMS Dundoon hit a mine near Great Yarmouth and sank.

The sloop HMS Bittern, on anti-aircraft duty off Namsos, was dive bombed by Ju 87s and set on fire.

The Anti-submarine trawler HMS Warwickshire was sunk by German aircraft off Trondheim, Norway.

The French destroyer Maille Breeze sank at Greenock, Scotland when two of her own torpedoes accidentally exploded on board.

Two civilians were killed when a Heinkel bomber crashed at Clacton.

A group of residents of Pittsburgh, USA offered a one million dollar reward for the capture of Hitler alive.

Hitler ordered final preparations for the attack on Western Europe.

Game day 243. China

Chinese infantry and armour moved eastwards, including six battalions which moved into Kwangtung.

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Wargaming butterfly (mainly solo), unpainted model figure amasser, and Historical Re-enactor of the black powder era.

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