Eighty years on. 27th April 1940


Continued bombing of Åndalsnes forced the port commander Brigadier Hogg to signal London that the situation was hopeless without air cover or antiaircraft guns.  An arriving supply convoy was bombed for three hours and withdrew without landing the anti-aircraft guns it was carrying.

The Luftwaffe also bombed Namsos. The order was given to evacuate the port.

The British 15th Brigade held the German 196th Division all day at Kjorem then made an overnight withdrawal to prepared defensive positions at Otta.  But Kampfgruppe Fischer of 196th Division met little resistance in the Østerdal valley to the east and was now threatening the rear of 15th Brigade.

Germany finally declared war on Norway. Joachim von Ribbentrop took to the airwaves shortly afterward and claimed that the Germans had captured documents from the Lillehammer sector revealing a British and French plan to occupy Norway with Norwegian complicity.

 Reinhard Heydrich ordered the deportation of 2500 German Sinti (a Romany people) to the General Government area in Poland.

Heinrich Himmler ordered the creation of a new concentration camp at Oświęcim, known in German as Auschwitz.

The German submarine U-102 was commissioned.

Game day 240.  Germany

The German troopships slipped into Narvik just ahead of the British arrival.  Six battalions disembarked.  The last remaining transport slipped past the British submarines off Trondheim and made its way to occupied Denmark.

East of Trondheim five infantry battalions attacked three Norwegian battalions in a pincer movement.  Each side lost one battalion in the engagement.

In Poland and Germany troops continued to move westwards.

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General Whiskers

Wargaming butterfly (mainly solo), unpainted model figure amasser, and Historical Re-enactor of the black powder era.

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