Eighty years on. 25th April 1940


3000 British troops of General Paget’s 15th Brigade advanced to the village of Kvam, 55 km South of Dombås, where they engaged General Pellengahr’s 196th Division moving up the Gudbrandsdal from Lillehamer. 15th Brigade’s Hotchkiss 25mm anti-tank guns destroyed one of the three Neubaufahrzeug heavy tanks, 1 Pz II and an armoured car in an initial skirmish. For the first time, a British line held the German advance.

RAF Gloster Gladiators based on Lake Lesjaskogsvatnet were located by the Luftwaffe and bombed.  Thirteen of the eighteen Gladiators were destroyed or fell through the broken ice.  The remaining Gladiators got airborne to provide air cover for 15th Brigade. They shot down 3 Heinkel He111s and were then withdrawn to Stetnesmoen, near Åndalsnes.

U.S. President Roosevelt recognised the state of war between Germany and Norway and reaffirmed American neutrality in the conflict.  Norwegian submarines were added to the list of belligerent ships forbidden from entering American territorial waters.

The Norwegian torpedo boat Trygg was sunk by German bomber planes. The Germans later salvaged it and put it back into service as the Zick.

An IRA bomb, or land mine, exploded in Dublin Castle, either killing six people or wounding five, depending on the information source.

Women gained the right to vote in the Canadian province of Quebec, the last province to grant women’s suffrage.

Game day 238. Norway

Six battalions of infantry moved north-west towards Narvik.  North-west of Oslo six battalions attacked the three battalions of airborne troops in a pincer movement.  The Norwegians lost one battalion, the Germans none.

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Wargaming butterfly (mainly solo), unpainted model figure amasser, and Historical Re-enactor of the black powder era.

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