Eighty years on. 21st April 1940


A German destroyer and troop transport ship sailed up the Trondheimfjord to land mountain troops on the flank of the British 146th Brigade which retreated back to Vist.  The British/Norwegian supply base at Steinkjer was bombed and destroyed.

Further south, 148th Brigade joined the Norwegian positions around Lake Mjøsa which were under attack from German heavy artillery and He111 bombers.  148th Brigade was forced to retreat towards Lillehammer before they had dug in.

U-26 sank the British MV Cedarbank in the convoy AP-1 carrying supplies for 148th Brigade north-west of Ålesund, Norway.

The first American military casualty of WWII was the Air attaché to American embassies in the Nordic countries, Captain Robert M. Losey.  He was killed while observing the Luftwaffe bombing of Dombås railway junction from the apparent safety of a tunnel.

Game day 234. Japan

Japan, made plans to consolidate the recent gain of Kwangtung and to protect Manchukuo. Twelve infantry battalions were deployed in Manchukuo and ordered to march to the border with China.

In Kwangtung an industrial centre was built.  Six battalions of infantry moved west from Shanghai and six more were recruited in Kwangtung.

The escorted transport ships in Shanghai sailed back towards the west coast of Japan, where six armoured battalions had moved ready for transport.

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