Eighty years on. 20th April 1940


Morgan’s 148th Brigade arrived in Lillehammer by train from Åndalsnes and moved south towards the Norwegian defensive positions either side of Lake Mjøsa.

Luftwaffe bombing obliterated Namsos, destroying British supplies and equipment.

Namsos after the raid

Eighteen Gloster Gladiator biplanes were flown to Scapa Flow for the Fleet Air Arms use on the aircraft carrier HMS Glorious.

The British War Cabinet cancelled landings at Trondheim but they failed to inform the Norwegians, the French or the British commanders around Trondheim. 146th Brigade remained in position at the Trondheimfjord to support the aborted landings.

On his 51st birthday, Hitler ordered the creation of the first Scandinavian SS unit, named SS-Verfügungstruppe Standarte Nordland.

German submarine U-120 was commissioned.

Game day 233. Great Britain

The empty convoy in the North Atlantic continued south-west towards Halifax.  The battleship destined for Singapore sailed past the west coast of Ireland. Three transports loaded with resources left Alexandria to sail to Britain via Gibraltar.  The convoy carrying Australian troops to Egypt passed the south-west of Australia.

The Indian Division moved out of Cairo towards the border with Libya.

Two unescorted convoys set out from Scapa Flow, each of three transports carrying six infantry battalions.  One disembarked the troops at Trondheim while the other headed north towards Narvik.

British submarines attacked the two German transports remaining at Bergen and sank one of them.

Six fighter squadrons were transferred to the north-east of Scotland to support troops operating in Norway.

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