Eighty years on. 16th April 1940


General Mackesy landed 24th Brigade at Harstat, 37 miles North of Narvik. They were ill equipped for offensive action, much of their heavy equipment not having arrived with them, and remained here while territorial troops fought around Trondheim.

The 148th Territorial Brigade had been waiting for two days at Rosyth, destined for Namsos.  They were ordered to Åndalsnes instead to form a southern pincer for the advance on Trondheim. They disembarked and reembarked on the  cruisers HMS Carlisle and Curacoa, losing  their anti-aircraft guns, ammunition and half a battalion due to lack of space on the cruisers.  They still hadtheir maps of Namsos.

15th Brigade was en route to Norway, having been withdrawn from the British Expeditionary Force in France

A torpedo duel between the submarines U-3 and HMS Porpoise south-west of Egersund, Norwayleft both vessels undamaged.

The future Queen Margrethe II of Denmark was born in Copenhagen.

The newly independent Icelandic government appealed to the USA for official recognition of its status, and for aid.

Game day 229. Norway

No action being taken by Italy or any of the neutral central European countries, the initiative passed to Norway.

The six Norwegian infantry battalions in the north began to move south to counter the German invasion.  In the south two Norwegian infantry divisions, a total of nine battalions, attacked six battalions of parachute troops that had landed north of Oslo.  The Norwegians lost three battalions to the Germans two.

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