Eighty years on. 15th April 1940


The British 146th Territorial Brigade arrived at Namsos, North of Trondheim, coming under the command of General Carton de Wiart VC DSO, whose Sunderland flying boat was attacked by a German fighter on landing.  He ordered 146th Brigade to advance south towards Trondheim.

Major-General Pierse Joseph Mackesy, in charge of land forces at Narvik, chose not to land troops directly at Narvik.  His force had been halved leaving only 24th Brigade, which was not equipped to make an opposed landing.  Narvik was under several feet of snowand defended by an unknown number of German troops.  Mackesy did not wish to subject the Norwegian inhabitants to a naval bombardment. Therefore he landed his troops at safer locations north of Narvik.

Further north, other British troops landed in the Lofoten Islands

Depth charges from British destroyers HMS Fearless and Brazen sank U-49 near Narvik.  A bag was recovered a bag from the debris containing secret operational documents including grid charts and a map of the locations of other U-boats in the area.

At Bletchley Park, the enigma code used by German forces in Norway was decrypted.

The Battle of Hegra Fortress began in Norway.

Vidkun Quisling was replaced in the Norwegian government by Ingolf Christensen.

Japanese Foreign Minister Arita Hachiro declared that all of Southeast Asia was economically bound to Japan and that the Japanese government would be “deeply concerned over any development accompanying an aggravation of the war in Europe that may affect the status quo of the Netherlands East Indies.”

Game day 228. USSR

The replacement garrison troops for Stalingrad neared their objective.  No other activity took place.

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