Eighty years on. 8th April 1940


Marine Gruppe 3, consisting of the cruisers Königsberg and Köln, the transport Karl Peters carrying 1900 troops, the minelayer Bremse and five torpedo-boats left Wilhelmshaven for Bergen.  Marine Gruppe 4 and Marine Gruppe 6 sailed from Cuxhaven carrying 1250 troops for the South coast of Norway.  Marine Gruppe 5 with the cruisers Blücher, Lützow and Emden, eight minesweepers and three torpedo-boats with 2000 troops left Wilhelmshaven for Oslo.  

The British destroyers HMS Esk, Icarus, Impulsive and Ivanhoe laid mines in the Vestfjord, the entrance to Narvik.   The Allies informed Norway of this action, designed to prevent passage of ships carrying “war contraband”.

The British destroyer HMS Glowworm, separated from the rest of the task force, encountered Marine Gruppe 1 heading for Trondheim.  Glowworm was badly damaged by fire from the German cruiser Admiral Hipper, but rammed the Admiral Hipper causing major damage before sinking.  Lieutenant-Commander Gerard Broadmead Roope, commander of HMS Glowworm, was posthumously awarded the first Victoria Cross of WWII.

Six more submarines were deployed to intercept ships sailing from German naval bases. HMS Ursula, Triad and Sterlet left to patrol the Skagerrak between Denmark and Norway.

The Polish submarine Orzeł sank the German troop transport Rio de Janeiro in the Skagerrak.

Norway protested the British naval mining of its territorial waters.

Game day 221.  Belgium

Belgium received 1.5 Industrial Resource points, one half in Belgium and one in the Congo.

The infantry were moved south to guard against the expected German attack.

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