Eighty years on. 20th March 1940


The USSR expressed its opposition to an alliance of Scandinavian countries.

German bombers attacked a neutral convoy in the North Sea.  U-19 sank two more unescorted Danish steamers in the Moray Firth, Scotland. (SS Viking and SS Bothal).  U-22 sailed from Wilhelmshaven and thereafter failed to respond to orders.  She was never heard of again.

HMS Fortune  sank U-44 off Narvik, Norway.  British bombers sank the German minesweeper Sperrbrecher 12 off the coast of Holland.

The entire French cabinet resigned. Although Prime Minister Daladier won a vote of confidence in the Chamber of Deputies 239-1, there were so many abstentions among the 551 members that he recognized the vote as a defeat.

Sumner Welles ended his diplomatic tour of Europe and boarded a ship heading back to the United States.

Game day 202. Japan

Japan prepares to launch a major offensive in Kwangtung.

Two transports docked at Kyoto and embarked 4 infantry battalions.  At Okinawa 12 Infantry battalions were deployed.  8 of these were embarked on the 4 transport ships in port and the rest remained to garrison the island.  6 fighter squadrons were deployed on the Japanese mainland.

The 6 submarines in the Philippine Sea were redeployed to protect the troop transports at Okinawa.  6 Battleships sailed from Osaka to Okinawa to escort the troopships and assist in a potentially opposed landing in Kwangtung.

The 4 fighter squadrons in the south of Korea attacked the 5 Chinese armoured battalions west of Shanghai.  The Japanese air force lost 1 squadron to no effect.

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