Poor service

Last Autumn I ordered some gaming cloths from one of the two or three companies that makes these products.

I chose this company because cloth size was not an issue. Apparently they had previously made the cloths for “The Great Game” of Waterloo inspired by Professor Tony Pollard.

Initially I ordered two standard cloths, and was advised that there was a backlog in orders. I placed my order via their website and paid by Paypal.

After a month or so, I was advised that they had stopped using Paypal and that all payments would be refunded.

For a couple of months I heard nothing.

I contacted them – and Paypal – because my order had clearly not been processed, and revised my order to one single bespoke cloth, based on one of their standard patterns.

I received a proposed design. My requested pattern had been inexplicably rotated by 90 degrees. I resent a template, also indicating the desired orientation of the hexagon grid.

I was advised that the design would be created on 6th January.

In the meantime, Paypal hd refunded my original order cost and I had worked out how to pay for the new design, and sent my payment.

Today the cloth arrived. It is appropriate for the game, but the hexagon grid overprint is inexplicably missing. Therefore the cloth cannot in its current state be used for the intended game.

I have e-mailed the company and asked how they intend to rectify this glaring omission. In my 50-odd years of wargaming I have never previously encountered a more incompetent supplier*. I have not named the supplier – yet! I await their response.

Meanwhile, at least I know what colour to paint the gaming bases to match the cloth.

It is fortunate that I started planning 18 months before I plan to present the game.

*actually BT, Vodafone and Virgin Media are close runners, but they are not suppliers dedicated to our hobby.

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5 thoughts on “Poor service”

  1. Response: from supplier: “ Where you see one word “hexagon” in the correspondence bellow?
    I understand your disappointment, but you never mentioned “hexes” when you approved this sketch ”
    My reply: “Where do you not see “hexagon” in every mail from me related to the design?” I

  2. The latest offer is to reprint a cloth as I ordered at a reduced price. You can guess where they can shove that!

    As far as I am concerned, they have 3 choices:
    1. Overprint the existing cloth,
    2. Reprint from scratch, as ordered,
    3. Full refund. (Other suppliers are available)

    I am happy to return the cloth at their expanse.

  3. I think I have a case…
    From the designer, quoting from my order,

    “Subject: Replacement order
    “…Overprinted with a black hexagon grid.
    Hexagons 60mm side-to-side with the flats aligned with the long cloth edge.

  4. If its’s Eric Hotz, my buddy had a similar experience. He needed a cloth showing sandy ground along the Nile for a colonial game. He had to contact Hotz more than once regarding whether he could expect to receive his order in time to use it at the next convention. He finally received it, but was not a happy fellow: it was so badly done (suggesting Hotz spent all of maybe 10 minutes on it) that he has never done business with Hotz again.

    Chris Johnson

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