Eighty years on. 7th March 1940

 Fighting continued in Finland around Viipuri.  The Red Army broke through the last defensive line in several places, threatening Finland’s second city.  Juho Kusti Paasikivi returned to Moscow in defeat (having led the failed Dec 1939 territorial negotiations with Molotov & Stalin).  The Finnish Prime Minister Rytiand several other delegates arrived in Moscow in the evening (via Stockholm) to discuss peace terms with the Soviets.

Four more colliers on their way from Rotterdam were impounded. Coal-starved Italy believed this to be a crude attempt to force a ‘coal for arms’ deal with the British who were in need of weaponry.

Hitler allocated 8 divisions to the invasion of Norway and Denmark.

Sumner Welles, visiting Paris, met with President Lebrun. Welles found Lebrun friendly, but was annoyed that he spent much of the meeting rambling on about details of his life that Welles did not find to be “in the slightest degree significant”.

Welles then met Prime Minister Édouard Daladier, who stressed that restoration of independence for the Poles and Czechs was a primary objective of any peace settlement, but although distrusting Hitler, he would not rule out dealing with the German regime.

The RMS Queen Elizabeth completed her secret maiden voyage from England to New York.

Game day 189. Great Britain

The British Empire received 28.5 Industrial Resource Points. 

The escorted convoy carrying 12 IRP headed towards the Bristol Channel.  A second convoy of only two unescorted ships set off from the USA with 6 IRP.

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