Eighty years on. 5th March 1940


USSR has about 15,000 Polish officers held in three PoW camps in western Belarus and Ukraine.  The Politburo declared them “Enemies of the Soviet Union”.  The Polish officers at Kozelsk camp were shot and buried in a forest near the village of Katyn.

The Red Army controlled Viipuri Bay.  They captured more islands and pushed inland on the western shore.  The USSR renewed its peace offer on the same terms that expired on 1st March. The Finnish Government accepted defeat and began peace talks.  In Toronto the Canadian government planned to send 1,000 volunteers to fight in Finland.

U-17 torpedoed the Dutch SS Grutto off the Belgian coast.

In the English Channel, the Royal Navy seized seven Italian ships leaving Germany loaded with coal.

Game day 187. USA

The USA collected 28 Industrial Resource Points.  6 IRP were loaded onto two British merchant ships on the east coast and 12 IRP onto four American ships on the west coast.

The earlier convoy with supplies for China approached Hanoi in French Indo-China.

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