Travel Battle options

Today I have been critically looking at my options for using the recently acquired “Travel Battle” from the Perry brothers.

My conclusions are:

1. For use with our junior re-enactors, for whom I have been providing home-grown small table games for two years, I will use the game “as is”, after some painting.

2. For my own use I think the boards may work better with either 3mm commercially available figures or (if I can make the technology work) 3D-printed 4mm models for the 18th century.  The “save” process for the initial infantry unit has now been running for over an hour – not looking very promising!

3. I may also use the game boards – I have two of each – for other campaign games. I am already thinking of a re-visit to Operation Sealion in 3mm scale, but cannot find the German models that I know I have previously used and photographed for this blog.  

I have searched every box and drawer in the Toy Cupboard, the loft and the Shedquarters with no success.  I have found dozens of unpainted models that may now find a useful occupation, but I don’t want to re-order stuff that I know is hiding somewhere.  When I find them I may need to organise some punishment battalions and a few firing squads for these shirkers.

Most of my  “Really Useful” boxes, on examination, contain models totally not useful for this project.  A few have revealed possibilities and ideas, but where in the name of Featherstone are the 3mm 1940 German models?

A selection of possible uses…

Half-painted 3mm British “Victorian Colonial” infantry awaiting an attack from Zulus, Afghans, Indians, or whoever…

Two troops of 3mm A-13 tanks awaiting attack by Germans (when I can find the little devils). I see from the photo’ that one tank has decided to wait no longer and is preparing to “bugger off”.

2mm Napoleonic infantry, also half-painted and a bit small for the scenery, preparing to receive cavalry.

6mm Marlburian infantry and cavalry, clearly far too tall for the surrounding buildings.

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Wargaming butterfly (mainly solo), unpainted model figure amasser, and Historical Re-enactor of the black powder era.

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