Eighty years on. 2nd March 1940


The Soviet army attacked the city of Viipuri from the South & East and also across the ice of Viipuri Bay.  The coastal batteries at Tuppuransaari fired until they ran out of ammunition. Tuppuransaari and Teikarsaari islands were captured by the Soviets.

Britain and France requested Sweden and Norway to allow passage of Allied troops to Finland. The Allies still expected a formal request for assistance from Finland.

The Hungarian Volunteer Detached Battalion arrived in Lapua, Finland for winter ski training.

The British liner Queen Elizabeth left the Clyde allegedly for Southampton, escorted by the destroyers HMS Mohawk, HMS Punjabi, HMS Fortune & HMS Foxhound; in reality she headed to New York.

A Heinkel 111H bombed the British SS Domala off the Isle of Wight.

The cruiser HMS Berwick stopped and sank the German SS Wolfsburg, disguised as the Norwegian SS Aust, north of Iceland. The cruiser HMS Dunedin intercepted the SS Heidelberg in the Caribbean. She was scuttled by the crew.

French Army intelligence revealed the German plans for an attack on Scandinavian countries.

Game day 184. France

France collected 10 Industrial Resource Points from around the empire, 4.5 points in Metropolitan France.  5 IRP were spent on anti-aircraft defences for Paris following the recent Luftwaffe attack. the remainder, in the colonies, were reserved for possible future use.

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