Eighty years on. 1st March 1940


The USSR’s peace offer to Finland expired.  The Finns held out for more Allied offers of assistance. Finnish ambassadors in London and Paris asked for 100 bombers and 50,000 troops.  The French promised this support while Britain stated that it was not available.   The Red Army was now only 6 km from Viipuri, Finland’s second city.  The commander of the Swedish volunteer battalion was killed by shellfire.

Heinkel 111s bombed and sank the Norwegian collier D/S Vestfoss east of the Orkneys.  U-20 stopped and sank the Italian SS Mirella in the English Channel (cargo of coal).

In Germany, the second stop of U.S. Undersecretary of State Sumner Welles’ European fact-finding mission, Welles met with Joachim von Ribbentrop.  He said that Ribbentrop had a “completely closed mind”.  He also met with Adolf Hitler, who told him that there was no alternative to “a life and death struggle”.

Hitler issued a war directive for the invasion of Denmark and Norway.  Author’s note:  I have often wondered why Swedish neutrality was never threatened in the same way.

BBC Audience research showed that two-thirds of the adult population listened to “Lord Haw-Haw”’s daily broadcasts from Hamburg after the BBC nine 0’clock news.

Game day 183. China

China collected 7 Industrial points.  Any infantry raised in Sinkiang would probably not reach Kwangtung before the Japanese had taken the province.  Resources were husbanded for later use.  In China itself, there were insufficient resources to raise any new troops.

Six armoured battalions from China attacked the five Japanese armoured battalions in Kwangtung, supported by two infantry battalions from the north.  The Japanese armoured column was destroyed for the loss of one Chinese tank battalion.  For the time being the Chinese could now turn their attention back to Peking.

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