Eighty years on. 23rd February 1940


The Soviets, fearing the imminent arrival of foreign aid or troops to Finland, scaled back the Summa offensive towards Viipuri and offered peace terms to Finland. The USSR demands the entire Karelian Isthmus (including Viipuri, Finland’s second largest city) and the areas surrounding Lake Ladoga, as well as the islands in the Gulf of Finland and a 30-year lease on the Hanko Peninsula at the mouth of the Gulf of Finland.  In exchange they would evacuate the Petsamo region in the North of Finland.

The Swedish government, following pleas for help from the Finns, announced that Sweden would not intervene, nor allow foreign troops to pass through Swedish territory.   The British and French continued planning to support Finland through Norway and Sweden.

U-53 was sunk by depth charges from the British destroyer HMS Gurkha south of the Faroe Islands.

The crews of HMS Exeter and HMS Ajax paraded through London to the Guildhall for a celebration of their victory at the River Plate, hosted by the Lord Mayor.

The Turkish government declared a state of emergency after reports that Soviet troops had crossed the Caucasian border.

Game day 176. China

Now outnumbered by the defenders of Peking, the five Chinese infantry battalions in Kwangtung withdrew to the south to join with the six armoured battalions moving from the west.  Once they had regrouped they could choose to strike north against Peking or south against Shanghai. 

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