Eighty years on. 16th February 1940


A Lockheed Hudson of No.233 Squadron located Graf Spee’s support ship the Altmark  in Josing Fjord, Norway.  HMS Cossack intercepted the Altmark, which was under escort by Norwegian torpedo boats, and the crew boarded her to free prisoners taken from ships sunk by Graf Spee.  Four German sailors were killed and 5 wounded as 299 prisoners were released.  

Following this incident, Hitler was convinced the Allies wouldl not respect Norwegian neutrality to send aid to Finland, despite Norway’s repeated protests of violation of sovereignty, and stepped up his plans to invade Norway.

U-14 sank 4 neutral ships,  carrying coal from Britain to Denmark and Sweden, the Danish SS Rhone and SS Sleipner and the Swedish SS Osmed and SS Liana

In Egypt, the British 7th Armoured Division was created.

Game day 169. France

The Algerian Infantry Corps continued its slow progress towards the Franco-German border.

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General Whiskers

Wargaming butterfly (mainly solo), unpainted model figure amasser, and Historical Re-enactor of the black powder era.

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