Warning! Politically biased comment.

This post may contain terms and expressions that are no longer regarded as appropriate. But in their own time frame they were relevant. We cannot hide these things. They happened.

I have been listening this week to a great deal of news coverage about Auschwitz/Birkenau and the so-called “holocaust” generally. I have in the past read, listened to and viewed many distressing accounts of the appalling treatment of supposedly respectable humans against other humans who they regarded as animals.

As an aside, this is not dissimilar to the “White man’s” treatment of black people a century or so before. Thousands of Africans were taken by Arab traders and sold to Europeans for shipment to the Americas as slave labour.

But the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (shortened in the German fashion but never officially used, to “Nazi”) organisation took this persecution one stage further and decided that, having blamed the Jews for all Europe’s ills, the only solution to the problem was not simply deportation or slavery but elimination. Slave labour was viable if and while they were fit, but when they became useless as beasts of burden they should be destroyed. (Even donkeys in unenlightened communities are simply abandoned!)

It was a gradual process, but it worked, and the people who knew were sucked into a gradual belief that this was a positive policy. Those who did not know (including the victims) were fooled by propaganda about “resettlement in the east”. This is all too easy, and was managed without modern social media.

But, and this is my controversial political point: Why does a nation built from the results of this terrible persecution and incarceration, believe that it can be right to build walls around other peoples’ communities, restrict imports of vital necessities and generally treat their neighbours (whose territory they have occupied) as a sub-culture? Have they not seen enough of Ghettoes?

And as for the latest “Peace Plan” delivered by the President of the USA, words fail me.

Enough said. Rant over. I hope that enough people remember history to not let it happen again.

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