An aside, some remeniscences.

This post is addressed to my mutual blog follower “Gaming on Vancouver Island“, and dedicated to the memory of my Dad.

I understand that the normal temperate climate on the Island has been somewhat changeable of late. This is not new, as the following photographs taken in February/March 1943 show:

From “The Patrician”, RAF British Columbia magazine

The location of the top left photo above now (June 2016) looks like this.

What is now known as Victoria International Airport started life in 1939 as a grass strip, and was used as a military training airfield. During the early part of WWII the airfield was used as Royal Air Force Station Patricia Bay, for training personnel for basic flying training, preparatory to returning them to the UK.

The aerodrome was later listed as RCAF Aerodrome – Patricia Bay, British Columbia at 48°39′N 123°26′W.

If, as is widely rumoured, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decide to relocate to Victoria or anywhere else on Vancouver Island, I would not blame them. I would if I could.

My first impression of this glorious landscape (or seascape?)

And incidentally:

“296 Wisken! You’re improperly dressed man! Sort out that belt buckle!”

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One thought on “An aside, some remeniscences.”

  1. 30cm of snow the other day! It does seem that once a year we get some snow. Just enough to make us even more smug towards the rest of Canada when the cherry blossoms and rhodos bloom in February.

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